💔 The Problems We Share

Most of our problems aren’t unique.
In fact, many of us have experienced similar problems.
Whether it’s getting fired from a job, getting divorced, or just having a bad day, many people have probably been in the position you might be in right now.

My point is that there are people to talk to and learn from no matter what you’re feeling.
We can each use our problems for good and help those that need it.
And you can be the force that navigates someone out of a tough situation.

And if you yourself are going through a time where you think the world is ending, speak up.
You’ll be surprised at how many people have been in your position and can be there for you.

Because whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone.

I actually wrote this before COVID-19. Today, we’re united more than ever in a common enemy. I actually saw a tweet that said in the first time in history, the entire world is focused on one problem.

We’re all fighting the same things. Whether it’s COVID-19 or anything else.

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