⌛ Done vs. Perfect

To a certain extent, we’ve all tried to make something perfect.
But striving for perfection is something that’s unattainable.
We’ll always believe something can be better than it currently is.
That there’s always something that can be improved or changed in some way.

But perfection is impossible.
You won’t be satisfied if you’re striving for perfection.
With each change you make to get closer to perfection comes a new wave of potential ideas bringing you back to square one.
The standard continues to get higher and higher.

Done is better than perfect.
Just put whatever you’re working on out into the world.
You’ll find that people will like it better than you think.

Perfection handicaps us.
It keeps great projects from being published.
It keeps great projects from even having a chance.

So let what you’re working on free.
Share your gift to the world.
It may not be perfect in your eyes, but it might be exactly what someone is looking for.

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