🏁 Between Start and Finish

When we start something, maybe it’s a goal to eat healthier or maybe to wake up earlier every day, we have a clear idea of what we want to accomplish.
This is the start of the so-called marathon to reach our goal.

But as we progress, we get to the point where we hit a dead area.
We no longer can see the starting line, but we also cannot see the finish line.
We’re stuck in the middle.
Still running but there’s no end in sight.

We’ve lost the motivation that we had at the beginning.
And we’re too far from the finish line to know that we’re almost there.

Unfortunately, this is where most goals meet their end.
The motivation wears off and the goal that we were once excited about is lost.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Know that this point exists and push through.
Just keep grinding.
Remember how you felt when you were at the starting line
Because the finish line is going to be worth it.

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